Harvested by Bert Giddens with daughter, Abigail in stand with him. Also pictured with Bert and Abigail is daughter, Kathleen.

Bert told the Bragging Post this story:
"Abigail, my youngest daughter, was hunting with me in a two man stand Sunday afternoon Nov 20th. At 4:15 this buck steps out approximately 200 - 225 yd.  I told Abigail, 'sweetheart, this is a good buck & we can't let him walk.' I shot once & the buck didn't move. Buck still standing broadside looking in our direction. I immediately followed up w/ a 2nd shot & buck bounded off out of the food plot which is about 300 yd long & 25 yd wide. We went to the spot I thought buck was standing & no sign of a hit. We looked for blood, hair, anything that would tell me I hit the buck. Abigail asked me several times if I thought maybe I had missed. I have two daughters Abigail & Kathleen & both have hunted w/ me several times & we always see deer but have always passed up younger bucks so this is the first time I have shot w/ one of my daughters & I didn't want to have to tell her I missed. We have planted pines on each side of this food plot & I told Abigail to wait while I go into the pines to look for any type of sign of a hit. It was pretty thick & then opened up really well. I didn't go 15 steps when I saw the buck laid up in the pines. I hit him well, he didn't go 40 yd.. There wasn't an exit wound & buck did not bleed at all. It was a beautiful buck, 9 point that grossed 142 & 5/8 inches. Weighed out at 270 lbs. However, the best part of the hunt was having Abigail in the stand w/ me & experiencing this hunt together. That is the part of the hunt that will stay with me forever."