Josh Sullivan of Magee, MS picture with his recent harvest and told the Bragging Post, "I shot this fella Saturday January 1st, 2010.  I was hunting with a buddy and his son glassing a 100 acre cut over that I own in Mize, MS.  We were just looking around and spotted this fella chasing a doe @ 330 yards out.  By the time we saw him and were trying to get a good sight on him he had already seen us and was about to leave the cut over. My buddy's son hit on a FlexTone grunt a couple of times and got his attention.  We finally got him back in to 225 yards and I propped the BAR 30-06 up on some Stoney Point shooting sticks and sent a 165gr Seirra Game King down the pipe.  I heard the report of the bullet when it hit, unfortunately I didnt see him drop.  I came up on him and WOW did he grow!!!  We originally thought that he was a decent 8 point, turns out he was a main frame 10 w/ 2 kickers! 
He is @ Tim Little's Taxidermy now awaiting drying for scoring.  I'm hoping he is going to gross close to 140".  He has nice 5" bases 15.5" inside, 18" outside. I can't remember the main beam lengths right off my head.  My scales were not working @ the time of the skinning but I estimated him to be 180-190lbs. 
I'm 25 years old and this was my first racked deer!  I've been hunting since I was 8 and it has taken me this long to finally shoot something to put on the wall!
I spoke with some game wardens Monday and they said they would like to see him in the wildlife extravaganza in the fall... so I guess we will be there!"