Becky Morgan of Brookhaven killed this huge 10 pt in Jefferson County on January 8, 2011.

Green Scored 164 3/8", 20" spread, 27" main beams

Becky says this is her "Dream Deer of a Lifetime".


The Bragging Post just had to know more about this hunt, so here is Becky's story: "He came out first time alone and walked toward me. I was not sure about how far cause Allen had warned me about judging distance on the wide flat open field. So tried to let him get closer. Had cross-hairs on him couple of times but couldn't get good shot. He turned and went back in thick brush and trees. About 30 minutes later saw doe come out, same spot. I kept checking trees, I just knew he had to be there. I saw him (his antlers anyway, so white they were shining). I said, "Come on out big boy". He eased out toward doe but then turned and started toward me. I knew he was big enough to shoot when I saw that his antlers were wider than his body. Ha! Had to wait for him to turn so I could get good shot. Sure didn't want to miss on this good buck. By that time I was shaking real good, not only from anticipation but leaning down looking through scope for so long. When he turned and I got the cross-hairs on his shoulder, I pulled the trigger. Saw him jump and run back in direction he came from to start with. Then I started questioning my shot. Thought I might have missed. Kept watching, thinking if I missed he might come back out. Dark was coming and I saw a deer coming back up the fence toward me. Thought that might be him but by time I got my gun up, I couldn't find him in the scope, too dark. So when guys came to pick me up, I asked Allen did he shoot and he said yeah but he missed one. He asked what I saw and I said I shot a big (I think) 10 point, but I think I might have missed him. Allen was hunting stand right next to me but didn't realize that it was me that shot. They said well come on, let's go see. I knew where he was when I shot and as soon as we got there Allen said he smelled him. You know bucks stink when they're in rut. Ha! I don't know if they saw any blood, I just pointed to the way he went and one of the guys was walking ahead of me hollered, "Here he is". All of them got to him first and I could here them all saying, "Oh my gosh, look at this deer". I said, "Let ME see, let ME see". I almost fainted and Allen almost messed up his pants. I do remember saying, "Hey ya'll, this one did not ground shrink, he got bigger." I will probably hunt the rest of my life and never see or kill another fine big buck like this one."

It is rumored that Allen is threatening to sell her gun!! Way to go, Becky!!!

For Allen's benefit, we have added a picture of Becky's new t-shirt.  Any orders, ladies?  For Becky's benefit, we have also added a picture of Allen's new t-shirt in answer to Becky's t-shirt!  Are they having fun or what???














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