Click strikes again!!!! Morgan, aka "Click" Plumley told the following story, "Alright, so we're in a box stand whispering about what we want to see and watching ladybugs crawl around on the walls. When my step-dad, Howard Wright, tells me to look at the button buck. Well I can't shoot a button buck, so we just sat there and watched it eat. When all of a sudden he looks up behind the stand and goes back to eating. He looks up again and finally I leaned forward and saw another buck. I started to get that buck fever! I was so excited, my first buck. My step-dad asked me if I was going to be proud of him because he couldn't see him. We waited for a little while and all of sudden the buck looked up and started to run off. I started to get upset when Howard goes 'Aaak' and the buck looked up and posed, perfectly! He asked one more time if I would be proud of him and I said yes! BOOM! And I got a five point, 160 lbs. His name is Elliot off of Open Season because he has 4 points on one side and only one on the other.(:" signed Morgan "Click" Plumley.

Morgan's 1st deer & how she became nicknamed "Click" can be seen by clicking here.