Travis Stinson (left) of Brookhaven, MS
and Preston Dean of Monticello, MS (right)

Travis Stinson
904 S. Jackson St. - Brookhaven, MS  39601
601-833-2443 - Email:

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A new and "very" impressive exhibit of nature unveiled by these talented artists in a unique way.  If you never thought much about the beauty of wood, and especially if you already love the beauty of wood, you must see these works of art in person and hopefully, purchase one.  We see these items being in high demand.

Detailed pictures of his artwork can be seen by clicking here.

Travis states, "I've always been in love with Nature, and really appreciate natural, 'real' things in this world. I think that's why I have become so passionate about Woodturning. I can take a chuck of wood, a stump, or a piece that most people would consider trash to burn, and unveil the natural beauty inside. It's almost like opening Christmas gifts with each piece, you never know what's inside."