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Fair Chase
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From its beginnings, the Club has grown to epitomize fair chase and sportsmanship in hunting. This fair chase philosophy reaches to the very foundations of the hunting spirit; it remains a dominant factor in the personal hunting ethic of every responsible individual; it is key to bowhunting's future with deep roots in America's hunting heritage. Simply defined, fair chase is the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit of free-ranging wild game animals in a manner which does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animal. It does, however, extend beyond the hunt itself; it is an attitude and a way of life based in a deep-seated respect for wildlife, for the environment, and for other individuals who share the bounty of this vast continent's natural resources.

The term "Fair Chase" shall not include the taking of animals under the following conditions:

  1. Helpless in a trap, deep snow or water, or on ice.
  2. From any power vehicle or power boat.
  3. By "jacklighting" or shining at night.
  4. By the use of any tranquilizers or poisons.
  5. While inside escape-proof fenced enclosures.
  6. By the use of any power vehicles or power boats for herding or driving animals, including use of aircraft to land alongside or to communicate with or direct a hunter on the ground.
  7. By the use of electronic devices for attracting, locating, or pursuing game or guiding the hunter to such game, or by the use of a bow or arrow to which any electronic device is attached.
  8. Any other condition considered by the Board of Directors as unacceptable.

SPECIAL NOTE: For the purpose of the Pope and Young Club's Records Program, a bow shall be defined as a longbow, recurve bow or compound bow that is hand-held and hand-drawn, and that has no mechanical device to enable the hunter to lock the bow at full or partial draw. Other than energy stored by the drawn bow, no device to propel the arrow will be permitted. A let-off of sixty-five (65) percent, using the A.M.O. standard method of measurement, is the maximum allowed. For further information, please click here for the "Definition of a Hunting Bow, Arrow and Broadhead"