Tips for filling out form:
1. To be counted as a point, the protrusion must be at least one inch long.
2. Measurements must be taken with a flexible steel tape.
3. Measurements cannot be taken until 60 days after the animal was killed.
4. Refer to pictures to answer any question.  All entries are marked in the picture by title.
 5. Enter the inches in the left blank of each entry form and the eighths in the right blank.
Ex.: 5 3/8 would be entered as
6. If there are more abnormal points present than spaces available, add the remaining ones up and put them in the last blank.
6. It is best to start in the ABNORMAL POINTS section, top left corner and use the TAB button to fill in data.

Abnormal Point Lengths
Right Antler Left Antler
/8 /8
/8 /8
/8 /8
/8 /8
/8 /8
/8 /8
/8 /8
/8 /8
Total (goes to E): /8
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
A. No. Points on Right Antler No. Points on Left Antler Spread Credit Right Antler Left Antler Difference
B. Tip to Tip Spread C. Greatest Spread
D. Inside Spread of Main Beams /8 Spread Credit May Equal
But Not Exceed Longer Antler
E. Total Lengths of Abnormal Points /8
F. Length of Main Beams /8 /8 /8
G-1. Length of First Point /8 /8 /8
G-2. Length of Second Point /8 /8 /8
G-3. Length of Third Point /8 /8 /8
G-4. Length of Fourth Point /8 /8 /8
G-5. Length of Fifth Point /8 /8 /8
G-6. Length of Sixth Point /8 /8 /8
G-7. Length of Seventh Point /8 /8 /8
H-1. Circumference at Smallest Place Between Burr and 1st Point /8 /8 /8
H-2. Circumference at Smallest Place Between 1st and 2nd Point /8 /8 /8
H-3. Circumference at Smallest Place Between 2nd and 3rd Point /8 /8 /8
H-4. Circumference at Smallest Place Between 2nd and 3rd Point /8 /8 /8

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