Mississippi Wild Turkey Records Registration Form


Hunterís Name:  _                                                                                                                 

Address:   _                                                                                                                            

City:                                                            State:                                   Zip:                        

Phone Number:                                              (Home)                                               (Work)

Hunting License Number:   _                                                                                                


Weight of Turkey (in pounds and ounces):   _                                                                     

Total Beard Length (measure in 1/16 inch increments):                                                    

     For multiple beards: Beard 1:                       Beard 2:                      Beard 3:                

                                        Beard 4:                       Beard 5:                       Beard 6:  _           

Spur Length (measure in 1/16 inch increments):  Left:                        Right:  _                 

Date of Harvest:   _                                                         _                                                   

County of Harvest:   _                                                    _                                                    


Certification by Hunter: I hereby certify that the above information is correct and that I harvested
this wild turkey in the spirit of fair chase and in compliance with all applicable wildlife laws. I further
certify that this turkey was a wild and free-ranging bird, was not confined by any artificial barrier,
and was not released for the purpose of commercial hunting.


Hunterís Signature:                                                                        Date:   _                          



** Turkeys  weighing over 21 pounds must be weighed to the nearest once on certified scales. 
Turkeys with a weight over 21 pounds, spurs greater than 1.25 inches or beard greater than
12 inches must be witnessed by a current employee of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife,
Fisheries and Parks.


Signature of MDWFP Employee:                                                              Date:   _             

Printed Name:                                                                 Phone Number:  _                           


Mail to: Wild Turkey Records; 113 Ferry Dr., Brandon, MS 39047