Score Your Deer
This scoring method is provided for your enjoyment only & is not intended be substituted for an official score.

It is important to read and understand these instructions.  A new window will open when you signify that you are ready to start scoring.  If you have any trouble understanding the form, please minimize that window 
and read these instructions again.  Also, refer to the pictures on the form for help.

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Number of Points on Each Antler
Labeled as A

A point must be at least 1 inch long to be counted.  The length must be greater than the width
at 1 inch or more in length.  Measurement for a point will be taken starting from the tip and going to the nearest edge of the main beam.  The tip of the beam is to be counted as a point in Number Of Points, but not to be measured.

Tip to Tip Spread
Labeled as B
The tip to tip spread is taken between the tips of the main beams.

Greatest Spread
Labeled as C
Greatest spread is taken as if the deer had walls to the right and left touching the outermost
part of the antlers, and you were measuring the distance between the walls.

Inside Spread of Main Beams
Labeled as D
Is taken at the greatest distance between the insides of the main beams, NOT between 2 points.

Total Lengths of Abnormal Points
Labeled as E
Abnormal points are points that do not follow the normal points spread pattern.  They
are points that originate from other points, points that grow downward, or points that grow out of the side of the main beam.

Length of Main Beams
Labeled as F
Measure from the outside edge of the base of the main beam.  Start there and measure along the OUTSIDE
edge of the main beam to the farthest point from the base.

Normal Points
Labeled as G-1 through G-7
Normal points grow out of the top of the main beam.  Lay the measuring tape along the upper edge of the main beam
to see where to start measuring up from.  Measure from the line that the tape makes
to the tip of the point.

Beam Circumferences
Labeled as H-1 through H-4
Circumference is taken around the main beam at the narrowest point between each normal point.  If
brow point is missing, take H-1 and H-2 at the smallest place between the burr and and G-2.  If G-4 is missing
take H-4 halfway between G-3 and tip of main beam.

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